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Leading Provider of Guttering & Roofing Services in Wakefield

If you’ve already taken the time to read the main pages of our website, you’ll already know that CW Roofing Specialists have a large number of customers in Wakefield. Indeed, Wakefield is a key service area for our company and our roofing contractors provide customers in this West Yorkshire city with a broad range of roofing services and guttering services, including repairs to guttering and flat roofs.


These particular repairs are slightly different to our more traditional roofing services because we make best use of today’s most modern materials. Property owners in Wakefield with flat roofs can have their installation repaired with EPDM rubber or GRP fibreglass while those with damaged guttering can have repairs undertaken using uPVC products.


Our roofing contractors explain the full benefits of these modern materials on the first visit to your Wakefield property, whatever roofing services or guttering services you are investing in, but we provide a brief initial insight into them below. You can also call the CW Roofing Specialists team to receive product advice over the telephone.


Replacement uPVC Guttering


CW Roofing Specialists has chosen uPVC as our product of choice when carrying out guttering services in Wakefield. This is because it offers the customer a high-performance solution that requires very little maintenance. Just as importantly, uPVC guttering has a long manufacturer guarantee. This type of guarantee extends to other guttering services, such as the replacement of timber fascias and soffits with uPVC alternatives. It’s also important to note the uPVC guttering comes in a choice of colours and this makes it much easier for roofing contractors to match existing installations around your Wakefield home.


EPDM Rubber for Flat Roofs


While CW Roofing Specialists can undertake repairs on flat roofs in Wakefield using traditional hot felt and bitumen application practices, we ensure all roofing contractors working for our company are conversant with EPDM rubber. EPDM is a durable and hardwearing rubber roofing membrane particularly suitable for flat roofs or low-slope structures. EPDM rubber will last longer than most other flat roofing systems and this is one of the reasons why our materials are backed with a full manufacturer warranty.


GRP Fibreglass for Flat Roofs


The expert team of roofing contractors CW Roofing Specialists can also repair flat roofs in Wakefield using GRP fibreglass, a reinforced composite with the ability to last for up to 30 years without any measurable deterioration. Resins are used to bond individual GRP fibreglass sheets and these can be painted with a protective topcoat in a full range of different colours. GRP fibreglass gives flat roofs a seamless and watertight finish that stops moisture penetrating the underlying eaves and timberwork. We have already repaired a large number of flat roofs in and around Wakefield using this modern and innovative system.


To discuss repairs for flat roofs and guttering with a time-served roofer covering all of the Wakefield area, call CW Roofing Specialists today on 01132 823581.

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