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Leading Provider of Roofing Services in Wakefield & Leeds

CW Roofing Specialists has been supplying Wakefield and Leeds customers with high performance roofing for over 20 years now. We pride ourselves in providing our broad range of professional roofing services in all seasons and weathers. As any roofing contractors will tell you, they’d much rather be working in the summer. But for our team, we thrive on producing high quality all year round.


As roofing services like general repairs may be needed in the harsh winter months, some of our Wakefield and Leeds customers get concerned that the outdoor temperature may be too cold to install tiles and shingle roofing. As long as asphalt shingle is kept warm before being used, it will be fitted as easily in February as it would in June or July.


Self-sealing strips may become foul of the cold or windy weather but our roofing contractors will take precautions to make sure that the shingles stay in place at your Leeds or Wakefield premises. Slate roofing may be held back until the temperature picks up but however cold it is, we will be able to carry out emergency roofing services to secure your home.


Before we carry out any roofing services at your Leeds or Wakefield home, one of our experts will discuss in length exactly what types or repairs will need to take place and the exact cost. It’s our roofing contractors aim to ensure that all customers know exactly what it is they’re paying for and there are no hidden extras at the end of the job.


Wind Damaged Roofing in Leeds in Wakefield


If your Wakefield or Leeds home, commercial or industrial unit has been hit in recent weeks by extreme winds or storms, then it’s worth us coming round and carrying out the following checks to see if there’s been any damage to slate roofs or tile roofing. Our roofing contractors will be looking for the following:


  • Leaks or water damage of any kind. If there’s been any excessive damp or stains on the walls, this usually means there’s an issue with the roofing.
  • Heavy branches that have fallen off trees in the Leeds and Wakefield areas, may have displaced and broken some tiles.
  • We will check the ground to see if there’s any tiling or shingle that’s come off the roof. Our roofing team will look for missing soffits, fascias and guttering.


If you’ve been affected by any of the points raised, then please call our roofing company today. Harrison Roofing recommends that any services, especially roofing repairs, should be left to the professionals. We are fully qualified and insured to carry out work on your behalf in the Leeds and Wakefield areas.


Pick up the phone and call CW Roofing Specialists on 01924 823 285. We’re proud to hold a reputation as Leeds, Wakefield and West Yorkshire’s favoured roofing contractors.

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