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Choosing the Right Material for Flat Roofs in Wakefield and Leeds

Harrison Roofing is frequently asked by customers what the best material for flat roofs is. Here, we try and explain what would work best for flat roofs in the Leeds and Wakefield areas and offer a series of material choices. In the last 20 years we’ve fitted all of the surfaces listed for customers many times.


  • Felt provides proven results for flat roofs of all sizes. In recent years felt has massively improved in structure. It comes in rolls and is laid with the help of a large blow torch that heats the felt straight onto the flat roofs structure. For those of you in Leeds and Wakefield who are thinking of doing this themselves, we recommend that you leave it to the experts at Harrison Roofing. It’s a tough job that takes experienced hands.


  • Asphalt is competitively priced and hard wearing. Its long life span means it is a very popular choice with both domestic and commercial customers in Leeds and Wakefield. It’s also suitable for most flat roofs and is a stylish look. It can be laid on most structures such as concrete, metal and timber. It can also be moulded round curves, slopes, roof lights and upstands, which show the dexterity and durability of the surface.


  • EPDM is a lightweight, flexible, hard wearing surface that adorns many flat roofs in Leeds, Wakefield and the surrounding areas. It’s not the most attractive of surfaces but is easier to fit than Felt. One advantage of EPDM is that it can be installed in one roll without the need for joins and makes for cost-effective flat roofs. It lends itself to many roofing situations and is a long lasting surface.


  • GRP Fibreglass is another lightweight, hard-working, joint-less, attractive installation for flat roofs in Wakefield and Leeds. A recent addition to mainstream roofing with its vastly improved dedicated roof resins, industrial trims and easier installation. This durable material has rightly taken its place amongst great surfaces in the flat roofs market.


  • Single Ply Membrane such as PVC, TPO and PIB are lightweight, flexible and resistant to UV and extreme weather. They’re also fire resistant and hold great chemical resistance. It’s also environmentally friendly which makes single ply popular with commercial customers in Leeds and Wakefield with flat roofs. They’re available for domestic flat roofs but tend to be more expensive than other surfaces. Call now to find out more about our competitive rates.


When choosing a surface for flat roofs, weigh up all the options and decide what would be right for your Leeds or Wakefield property.

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